Couch crashing

Cinnamon, orange peel, raspberry leaf, lemongrass, licorice root, papaya leaf, strawberry leaf, and cardamom. A tea that I have been sipping on for the last hour called Night on Glacier Bay by Montana Tea and Spice Trading. Sigor Rous I believe is playing on Pandora. It is early, 2:11 in the morning to be exact. No I did not stay up all night but just woke up about a hour ago. This is when I made my tea. At first I wanted to just transfer my dead body to bed where I could resume slumber and rest my weary bones. But then I remembered what had happened earlier this evening. I had come home from a ride to just fall asleep on the couch.  I was planning a regeneration session, a shower, and some recovery. But while I was warming up from a frigid ride I actually just slumbered off. I awoke with a slight twitchy pain in my back from the way I was laying there.wp-1486747984571.jpg

So I made some tea and did some regeneration after the guilt of things undone got to me. I knew I would lie awake for an hour so why not get up, do what I was supposed to do, and maybe start to type out a blog post.wp-1486747984543.jpg

Earlier in the day at noon I discovered that riding after our recent storm was pretty much not a good idea. I was frustrated when I sent my friend a message about the dismal conditions. As always Jill pushed through with a idea to still go biking even if it was just doing the Deer Creek loop. It is so nice to have such a friend. So there we were in the setting sun climbing up Pattee Canyon Road around 5:30 last night. It has been a while since I have rode with Jill and being out on bikes with a friend felt so good after so many solo sessions trudging through the dark winter evenings.

Actually Jill has already posted about our ride. Damn, beat me out in print again. She is so efficient. But she IS a professional and I will be the first to tell you that she is darn good at it. Breaking away from this blog post I truly enjoyed her recollection of how the last two days has gone down. I fully recommend abandoning this read and heading over there for something more descriptive and refreshing. My favorite part, the description of a morning yard sale … Jill style.  I am laughing right now. My eyes are now starting to shut so maybe I need to put an end to my attempted post so here it goes.

It was a frigid ride but not noticeable until the long Deer Creek Road decent where my toes ran away and my fingers checked out. I was left trying to break and steer the bike with just my shoulders and thighs. But up until the bone chill decent it was good warm companionship with a hint of crunchy snow as background music. It felt good indeed.

The pace into town picked up as both my friend and I felt it was time to seek the warmth of indoors. Soon enough we were zipping through the urban bike paths in Missoula now becoming a staple in my commutes.  We passed the Bridge Pizza but I didn’t ask about stopping. I was really wanting to warm up and do what I do best this time of year. Crash on the couch. Well that is what it seems like but tonight’s little oasis of activity should make things better. After all I feel regenerated and ready for slumber.

Good night all.

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