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Weeping Woman

I stayed up late last night getting to some old pictures and as a result getting closer to being caught up. All this while I try to get ready to lead a trip to Gash point in the Selway – Bitterroot Wilderness. The pictures are of a trip I took with the Rocky Mountaineers to Squaw Peak … oops, I cant say that. Well, I just did, so sue me. No really!

On a political note, I just took a political test that is supposed to be pretty accurate. I am proud to be a Socialist … does anyone know any Socialists running for office?

One reply on “Weeping Woman”

[…] I was with my friends and we are preparing to go backcountry skiing. What? Did I really do this?  Why am I a Scrooge now? Maybe to be with friends I did some unscrupulous things?  I should do this again. I stepped back. I was in no way ready to go skiing. I went down the aisle more to find my fourth book. WEEPING WOMAN, twelve years ago. […]

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