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Rested Now South To Hamilton

This morning we are leaving Missoula early to go skiing south of Hamilton.  I wish this were a mountain bike ride but it is winter and when in winter, do what the skiers do.


Right? Yesterday we rested and reset the batteries by hiking near Waterworks Hill.

One reply on “Rested Now South To Hamilton”

[…] I was suddenly aware that I was riding my bike. It was cold and dark. And I was with my friend Jill. We stopped to part ways. It seems we were headed to our respective homes to crash. I looked at my bike computer and realized it was the middle of the night. Wow, I was a total freak. I took a step back and rejoined my present self in the library. I took a couple of steps and found the third book. Ten years ago, RESTED NOW SOUTH TO HAMILTON. […]

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