The lie

“I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t eat honey for one year”, said Winnie the Pooh.

Christopher Robin just sat there quietly looking concerned for his friend. You see humans don’t understand bears. And Winnie didn’t want to disappoint his friend. Christopher just tucked the bottle of honey he brought for his friend back into his pocket.

“Well I … I just was in the area”, he turned to the hole in the tree trunk, “You know you really should get a real door”

“yea, ummm”

“OK, well take care”, and out the hole Christopher crawled. As he walked back through the woods he hung his head. “We are just growing apart”, he though to himself.

Many days past and the woods moved on. Winter was coming and Pooh was fattening up for the winter hibernation. He pulled out another jar of honey and raised it in cheer to Piglet.

“Have you heard from Christopher?”, asked Piglet.

“Um, no. YOU know we can’t get to close to humans? Right?  It would just never work out”

“I guess …”, and with that he pulled out his Droid and twittered “Having honey with my friend Pooh”.

Your Thoughts

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