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Blue bird

Freezing cold temperatures makes for blue skies and beautiful outdoor experiences. The first part of this week has been pretty much below zero and I have to say I am happy. The commute conditions are perfect, my bike doesn’t get all messed up, and everything is just pretty. Winter would be pretty cool if it stayed like this.

Yesterday I went out for a workout on South Sentinel and found it tougher then I expected. At times I felt like passing out. Sure I had a full face baklava. Sure I was riding with screw tires. Sure cold temperatures makes for high rolling resistance. But all this does not register when everything starts to spin and vision goes to tunnel view. What registers in my head is, “YOU SUCK … YOU HAVE GOTTEN SOFT … YOU WEAKLING”. Ok, so I have issues to get over still.


This may seem that I am under the heavy anxiety blanket. Not so. I have been getting in my workouts, finishing all chores, and been going to bed at a decent hour. All this makes for a life that has started to level out and feeling relaxed and happy. I could use a little more friend time with my friends but some of that may be my doing.

Last year I was out doing the same thing, biking in the cold temps. Even two years prior I was involved in a commute on the same path I took this morning during spring break day 1 with Paul. All better then 7 years ago when I was almost dead in CT.

Speaking of “7”, I have lost 7 pounds. I figure, along with yesterday’s performance, I have 10 pounds to go before my birthday.  I will be 45 … shit I thought I was going to be 44. I have lost a year. Now I am half way there.  This could be why I cant ride my bike any more. Or maybe I just forgot my Carbo Rocket 333 yesterday and worked out at noon instead of preparing to hammer later when scheduled.

Still though, so far it has been a blue bird week.

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