No sliders

The group stuck together and the topics dancing in the air had nothing to do with cross country skiing. There was theories on proper traction, screwing shoes, taxes, jewelry, Alden’s crashes, and other light hearted stuff. Lydia gave us a rendition of WalMart counter people and their complete outdoor ignorance.For me it was the highlight of the evening. Funny stuff.  Larry and Norm were there and like me kept the subject on the down low. It is embarrassing enough to have been a slider once.

Last night was the Missoula Thursday night group ride hike and most of the slider pushers were not present. We even found ourselves on dirt. Muddy dirt, but dirt none the less. It felt good.

Mother Thursday Julie had taken off earlier in the day for some sliding at Lolo Pass and our fearless leader Ed “McRibs” “Mr Cymbols” Stalling was somewhere in Missouri trying to snow board down some parking garage in the inner city. Laurie dared not to show up since she is a teacher of the slide. Even Alden the biggest snow slider pusher was out of the country talking penguins into going on a 16 hour ski trip.

Now I am not saying they are not missed. No, not at all. They are missed. But the lack of slider influence was nice. And the dirt, ok mud, made it all seem good to me. But that is my take on it.

Anyone want to slide up Lolo Peak this weekend?

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