Blue Joint

Earlier this month my brother in life joined me on a mountain bike journey. We went around a loop that I heard about in Bitterroot folk lore. A trail defined by maps and length to be long and challenging. I didn’t know if we were up to it but as things turned out we were. We came out in the dark but completed the loop. It was one of my favorite journeys. Another chapter in the Bill and Paul’s greatest adventures scrolls.

Half way up the Blue Joint is this great meadow. At this point we were feeling pretty good about completing at least the journey to the state line.

Paul rips it around a fallen log. This trail had everything. A terrain list too long for a blog.

After MUCH effort we reached the top of Razorback Ridge. It was Paul’s first dabble into Perpeteum. We were feeling wore out but knew it was all downhill … right.

After getting kind of lost it was mostly downhill but we didn’t get out for quite some time. The last sections were in burn areas which had so much downfall it took us like an hour to travel a quarter of a mile. I do not recommend doing Little Blue Joint. Who is up for my next adventure.

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