Life Updates Itself

I have plenty to blog about. Adventure. Races. I have photos too. Life is to blame for injecting me with a strong dose of distraction lately. Or is it attraction? Or is it something as classic as love?

I guess I will come clean and say that I have found a deep affection for someone and that may come as a shock to you. You are not nearly as shocked as I am. New bikes come and go but this is a fully certified human being that I have started getting attached to. Yea! I know. Weird. It goes against everything I have been preaching for the last 20 years.

Now before ya’ll start shaking your head, yes, this other person is fully aware of the situation. Come on give me some credit. Not like that time I was arrested for stalking the neighbor’s milk cow because I thought it gave chocolate milk. Poor cow.

Its a journey much like a really fun long downhill on some sweet sick single-track in the Bitterroots. I am cruising right down that sucker as I write this.

I may just get out of control and the very thing that I am enjoying backfires. I may find myself over the bars en route to another concussion. Or worse yet, a broke heart. Heck, it may just never develop into anything at all. But no fear. I bounce back pretty well.

Or it may just keep on going…o/o

I do see some obstacles up ahead. But rest assured I will jump in with both feet and go for it. This is just what I do, it is how I ended up at the starting line for the world championships. I may not have belonged there or didn’t realize what hardship was in store for me but I went for it anyway.

In any case I’ll just keep moving along and when I get a chance can post some cool summer adventures that I have had. Just got to get me some air … whew.

Does anyone know where I can buy a big old leather belt for my buckle 🙂 You know, the one I received last weekend for going under 9:45 in Grand Targee.

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