Pushing Away Into The Weekend

Here I sit on a nicely made bed in Bozeman Montana. My friends have put me up in my room. The drive over was a blur.

The day started out as usual with a nice bike ride to work. Once at work I start-up the ol computer. That was when the day went to shit. First I was hit by a truck. Yep. Came driving right through the office and plastered me all over the place. I looked over and saw my heart pumping next to me and wondered how I could put it back in.

Once I managed to get my heart back in place where it didn’t seem the same the boss rolls in with some “goals” for the day. Needless to say I got out late.

I proceeded to drive to Bozeman with a deep daze on the road and a damaged heart. Just so you know. And now I must lay down an pretend to sleep.

Posted from iPhone…o/o

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