What Friends Do

Paul asked, “So what are you doing for exercise” after a nice Thai Salmon Wrap dinner late Monday afternoon.

“Anything”, I responded.


“Yea, sure.”

And so we met up last night and while laying around in the grass decided upon University Beacon. It took us 3 hours and it was a spirit healing experience. As I rode along I felt more and more at home in the saddle. More and more like a human again. More and more at the right place, the right time, the right friend.

Side note: I just read one of my best post called “Bleeding For Us”.

We met up with Ed and Laurie out for a recovery spin. “Where are you going?”

“We just did the Deer Creek Sneak. Just something easy. I feel pretty exhausted”, Ed responded. “What about you guys?”

“University Beacon.”

“Holy Crap!!!”

On top we said hello to Marcy and braced against the high winds to descend the ridge. It was like landing a plane at night. Truly spectacular. If you have ever descended this ridge then you will know about the headwall. Yep, we both made it down.

I was real impressed with Paul. Not surprised, no. He once bombed down Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks when the snow was still on the mountain. Since then I am not surprised. We will have to post the video one day.

I wonder what is in store for today?

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