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witch Not yet. I am not ready. I have been enjoying this week. I sit now at my usual haunt City Brew just eaten a blueberry scone and sipping a black vanilla tea getting caught up on my friends.

I just read that Jill is headed up to the Trans Rockies and feel slightly left out. I wish her luck. So lucky to be going on that adventure. Dave is in love with rivers and streams, it is Zephanie’s birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow Paul and I are going to tackle Blue Joint in the Southern Bitterroots.

Last Wednesday I went hiking with the Bardis/Limberries clan. We did the Sammy B (Sam Braxton) loop. Niko was on a terror beating all of us up the hill but when the adults caught and passed he got discouraged. I have done that many times in a race … um, like last weekend. Cant go there now so will move on.

Willow was in the back pack but only after attempting to hike first. Her stride just was not adequate for a 3 mile loop. Paul and Lucy were just busy as heck forcing today’s youth to enjoy the outdoors. We were all glad to just get out. The sunset was beautiful.

The next day was Paul and I going on a ride with Julie H., and Larry D. We headed up to Jumbo Saddle and I introduced them to a new climb and just as we were on our way towards the Sheep Mountain Trail Paul ripped off his rear derailleur. That was the end of that. We headed down into town and started eating.

The next day after the FAIL ride I had had enough. My body was a wreck from no sleep, and too many foods that are poisonous to my system. I was late for work and had to make a conscious decision to 1 continue my downward spiral to normal social health  or 2 to snap out of it and regain my much enjoyed physical and mental health. Well not so much regain mental health, never had that. So now I am in bed by 9 and back on the Paleo Diet. Well … after this scone.

Anyone want to go on an adventure tomorrow in the Root?

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