Just sat down with a blueberry scone and a vanilla black tea. I have a pile of receipts to enter into my money management program and hoping there is enough for some groceries to finish out the week. The City Brew is populated with morning folk all chatty from their bean brew. I am aching in my leg muscles but more then that missing the smattering of friends I spent that last three days with.

Martha Van Inwegen made the big drive from California to join us for the Butte 100 weekend and wow, what a great woman. She is the person behind Action Wipes and ended up the star of the weekend. She dolled out action wipes to help ward of the aggressive mosquitoes, keep the troops clean, and sooth the broken and weary souls that thought they were stronger then the Butte 100. I was one of those broken souls. Quality person and friend she brightened up the Big Sky with her warm smile and fresh attitude.

There is a lot to blog about and I don’t have much time this morning before I dive back into the world of work. I will remember and blog more as the week progresses. The great quality friends and our time in this years Butte 100. For now I leave with one word… BRUTAL.

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