In 48 hours from this very moment of writing I will be riding with Tinker and company through Elk Park and preparing to plunge into the Nez Peirce Trail. 

The first year of the Butte 100 it was just a few of us riding along at a easy pace. The second edition had some frolicking at the beginning of the race. Last year many folks converged into the course going full tilt and I was not up to the challenge. This year will be mayhem as 50+ will be racing and I suspect there will be no loly gagging. I hope I am better prepared.

Most of the day yesterday was spent thinking about the Butte 100. There is so much talent this year and just so many riders that it becomes more competitive.  I am sure that is what it will be like until we all hit the wall and wish we were not going so fast in the first 50 miles. The rest. The ones that still have it will ride away and get to stand on the podium.

I want to ride the course. I want to push my limits against the terrain. But now I have to share it with 50 others. No so much fun.

Today is the weekly Thursday Night Ride and it is out at the Rattlesnake. There is a lot of the people that are doing the Butte 50 so we will split up into the Thursday Warriors and the Taper Parade. The Taper Parade will loly gag around and then head to a plate of pasta while the Warriors will do something more Thursday Night like.

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