The Journey

It has been another good year, training wise. First it was a training plan just to get into good enough shape to start the double peak plan that ended last Sunday. Now I am on a taper and finally this weekend the final test to see if all that time was wasted. I don’t care though, because I love the journey. The journey is where it is all at. I may not do very well on the test but the journey has made me much stronger and through hardship comes that one time a year when you are supposed to be in top form. I guess we will see.

The Butte 100 is in 3 days and I will be racing against the likes of David ‘Tinker’ Juarez, half the population of Draper Utah, and some local talent. If you look at the current start list (and I have) you will see names from all over the country. It will be truly an epic race as it deserves to be. I hope it all goes well for Bob and crew (Triple Ring Productions). They deserver it. Thanks Bob for assembling a great chance for me to race with some great talent.

This season is just a subset of a much larger scheme and no one has been along for the ride in this overall journey then my friend Paul Bardis who is currently visiting Missoula. Last weekend was just another chapter in our journey and it was another great installment.

Your Thoughts

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