New Wheels

I got the call from Chad last Tuesday afternoon. “I am looking at a set of wheels right now”, he told me. I should of ran down right away but instead I opted for the “try to take a half day on Friday boss deciding to be mean denied” route. So when I called late last night he said come on down to the shop. I’ll stay open for you. What a guy. Chad is the man!

I don’t know what was more beautiful the majestic Bitterroot Range surrounding the bike shop and towering in the setting sun OR the Stans ZTR Alpine wheel set that was waiting for me on the bench.

I took no time to strip off the old heavy wheels I had on my Turner (place keepers until I could get new wheels). Unfortunately the rear wheel will not make the second string lineup as it is totally trashed. With the new hoops on my rig I jetted home. On the way I took time out, we took time out, well Ross said, “we could do IT now”.  Of course he was talking about the clam chowder at that restaurant in Victor, Hamilton House I think.

I took off early this morning to do some hill repeats and a wooded single track test session. The wheels are fantastic. I think tomorrow will be a great ride. Who is in?

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