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Alp De Turah

Yea, bummer. My race bike is broke down and then I found out someone stole my bike rack. Once I was able to overcame that hump I took off from home on my old Leader bike for a little RMVQ recon. I decided to embark on a proposed new section near the end my friend Ed calls “Alp De Turah”. This could be a great way to avoid the Clinton Express, a road section that I usually hit around 3 AM … not good.

I started at Turah and climbed out of town for about 3,000 feet. The Turah side is pretty dramatic but once over the first saddle it is pretty uneventful and I found myself wondering if I should just leave in the Hollowmens saddle section. Soon I arrived at a major outback like intersection where about 6 road/trail/skid paths converge. This is where the RMVQ goes by.

So then the route was a success and I decided to continue on and complete the remaining RMVQ route. On the way down in the gulch on the North side of Miller Peak I ran into a little creature. I stopped to take a photo and I was nervous because I HATE snakes. To my amazement I found this little dude cute. I need to find a riding partner when I start making friends with snakes.

So I finished the RMVQ route and pause on top of University Mountain to take in the evening sun. I am finally feeling strong and can recover from multiple days of long rides. I think I am ready for the Butte 100. I finished the ride off with a trip to the Big Dipper for a pint of Cardamom …o/o

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