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Bad Luck In Paradise


I went to Butte yesterday with my friend Ross to pre ride the last 50 miles of the Butte 100. I had a secondary goal of providing Bob (Triple Ring Productions) with a complete GPS track of the Butte 50.


I gave Ross final instructions on how the course crossed the road about 3 or 4 miles from where we were standing under a shade tree. It was getting hot and I hade a zone 3 day planned on the hardest part of the course, the last 50.


It all went down as expected climb, climb, climb, I felt like it was like 100 degrees as I started up and around the loop. As the day wore on  felt better and unexpectedly was having a great time. I worked hard on the climbs and bombed the descents. I felt like my momentum was building as I zipped across the meadows just below the Highland Range. Then I started to hear a bad sound from my rear wheel.

I took off the rear wheel and saw that the cassette was “wiggly”. I thought, “darn, I should of checked the lock ring”. I grasped it with my fingers but it was solid. Darn, the entire free hub body was loose. To make things worse I was 25 miles out.

I tried to call or text … no service. I put it all back together and decided to ride it until it finally gave way.

I did the 8 miles of hell, Limekiln, The new section down and up Toll Canyon, and then down to the road where the last checkpoint would be. Just as I figured I was home free and about to enjoy the last ten miles the back end gave way. The rear hub had exploded and I was left with a 0 Speed. And single speeders think they are tough.

I ran it to a waiting friend Ross and we skedaddled home. I am still trying to figure out what I will do for training today as well as the race in two weeks. At least don’t need my bike rack now … which was just stolen. Ripped right from my car yesterday or last night.

Anyone for a hike?

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