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Took the day off Monday from any serious training. I did do a couple core workouts so as to not become stale and moldy. One of the things I was able to sink my brain into was the new section I rode on Sunday, the Alpe De Turah as my friend calls it. Now that I have the GPS track I can use it to see if it would make the RMVQ better.

On the good side the new route would make the road section to Clinton a thing of the past and compared to last year it would have slightly more mileage (158 compared to 152 miles) and climbing (46,000 compared to 35,000). Why higher numbers? Well just remember we are doing Sheep Mountain this year.

On the dark side of the moon we have all the mileage from Clinton to and including Hollowmans Saddle cut out. This section has some memories and it is really challenging.  If we were to go this route we could amass a massive 171 miles and 48,000 feet of climbing.

A couple thoughts come to mind. One is that I could bit off the chunk with the Turah section. Then if it all goes too smoothly and fast we can add the bigger loop next year. But why wait … decisions. I wonder what the readers think. Heck I wonder what the peeps that want to try such a thing think. The route has only been done by me and the most anyone has ever done is Garland T. with 73.4 miles in 8:13 last year.

Hey it is 74 days to the RMVQ.

I love maps and planning so on my rest days this is what I do. I should work for Adventure Cycling…o/o

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