I just put down a breakfast sandwich. Turkey bacon and egg on toasted gluten-free. A cup of Mate should complete the morning refuel session. It’s time to pull the Turner off the rack and get it ready for a 4 hour excursion tonight. The plan for me is to do 4 more hill efforts at 15 minutes a piece. I am hoping to go off the front of the TNR to do “my thing” and then lift back to recover and enjoy my favorite social scene.

Yesterday was a triple workout day courtesy of Lynda’s sadistic plan. It is kind of challenging to go out at lunch and put in two climbs up Pattee Canyon and then recover for another climb after work.

It all turned out pretty well as I found no fade or fatigue from earlier in the day. After a little spin around the South Hills, I went home for a pain lab session to strengthen the Ol core. It is all core baby…o/o

Tonight is the Missoula Thursday Night Ride out at Snow Bowl. There is a lot planned. Extra excursions, seed spitting, and a BBQ duel with the “other” group. Who is in?

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