Smoke On The Water

Today I head out to Pattee for hill repeats twice. I do two runs up the hill at lunch time and after work I go back out to the hill. Once home I can do a third workout in the pain lab. I will be sporting the new kit from Triple Ring Productions. That’s the fun part.

The part that isn’t so grand is coming into work late due to all the prep work, staying up late with friends, and mixing Carbo Rocket.

Last night I spent a little time with my friends Paul and Lucy as they settled into their host house and started their stay in the big city of Missoula Montana. Some of the highlights included some musical efforts by Niko who started on the guitar, moved to the drums, and finally ended the session with a stint on the piano. Willow was not feeling well so she was not able to perform her gymnastics routine for me that night. Paul and Lucy were celebrating their anniversary (couldn’t settle on years, probably like 17 maybe).

Now it is time for business. I have 5 really hard core days of training and then I settle into a taper for the Butte 100.

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