Jury Duty

Beaver PondI just got a mailer stating that I am selected for a spot on the ever prestigious collection of Americas got talent judges. At first I was excited because in Connecticut your employer is mandated by law to pay for 5 days. After that you get paid at a somewhat lower rate. So I went to the Missoula federal websiteto see what I was going to expect. A day off … nice!

To my shock I learned that in Montana your employer does not have to pay you one red cent. The only protection is that you cant get fired (didn’t say laid off). So then what do you get for giving up a days pay to do “The Duty”? You get a whopping $12.00 to appear as a potential juror and $25.00 per day if you are selected to sit as a trial juror. Wow, I could go hog wild at The Bridge Pizza with that kind of dough.

!NOT! So then according to my way of looking at things I have to give up a days pay because someone robbed a bank. So then I am going to have to rob a bank to be able to pay rent when it is all said and done. You know what I will say, “Yea! I am biased. I sympathize with anyone who is willing to risk injury to rob a bank. they are probably doing it because they had to sit on too many America’s got Talent panels.”

What does the photo have to do with the story …. nothing, its pretty. And the only thing I could get to today…o/o

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