Getting Back On The Horse

Da Group Shot I plan to post some of my most awesome photos of this last weekend as soon as I can. You see, I could of by now. But then I discovered two thousand other photos that I had taken and forgot about. So in my infinite wisdom I figured the best way to battle the “getting behind syndrome” is to just download them all and get them saved and put up on Picasa for all to see. Then there is the movies … tons of them. The result was an overwhelming amount of work.

Since I am one to avoid such hard work I got started and quickly got distracted by all the sunlight outside. So then; I am going for a trail run. And maybe, just maybe, if everyone has a little patience I will get those photos posted.

Since I came home from Camp Larry I have been gravely ill but today I am coming around. The following comments may rub some the wrong way but I am just posting my feelings. By all my being it was a real awesome weekend not to be taken for granted. I had a blast.

I think all this social stuff is making me sick. I get no sleep. I eat ten thousand calories. The foods are not healthy. Farkle is a stupid game. Seriously it is the foods I eat I think. Yesterday I ate the way I usually do and today as well. I am starting to feel fabulous. Looks like Ill have to be anti-social until after the Butte 100.

Blog more when it starts raining again .. like tomorrow.

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