Woman Hater

The weekend is at hand and while I didn’t get out a decent blog I do offer an excuse. You see one for the proposals of where I work is gone and when that happens all hell breaks out and everything is full of stress and chaotic psycho freakiness. As a token of my shortcomings as a blogger (and if yesterday’s video didn’t do it) I offer up a photo of last weekends group ride and whishes that this weekend bring us all un muddied single track.

The week was not a full loss even though most rides were in freezing rain. The Missoula Thursday Night Ride was a positive. I showed up to a cheery crowd to announce, “Lets just get this over with” fully expecting it to rain in a place where I knew would be 10 degrees colder then the current meeting spot. All things said it turned out great. I had to leave the group early as they tend to stay up all night and I had to get much needed sleep. But that brings to the title of this blog “Woman Hater”.

I didn’t get much of the sleep thing as I wondered about my newly received label as “woman hater”.  Am I a woman hater? I thought I just hated everything. If you know me I am always saying things to poke fun at ignorance. For instance when I say, “that is a girl ride” I am just making fun. Face it, some people actually think that way. I hate them

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