Covert Fun

So we have no more favorite photos of 2009 so now I must start taking some photos of my adventure and hope that will keep all of you Lodge fans satisfied. My latest round can not possibly show the fun that we all had yesterday frolicking in the dirt but they don’t do a bad job in showing what summer looks like.

It was last Friday that the call came in. I was to be plucked from my Missoula home, blindfolded, and whisked away to a secret undisclosed location to test some secret and highly classified single track that may make it into a Montana race. I cant disclose the race name so I will call it “some kick ass 100 mile loop race that is our countries finest”. That should not give it away.

I was barley able to collect my things and the next thing I know I was standing on a rock in the middle of sand, sagebrush, and endless miles of mountain biking. I was standing there naked with a kit in my hand. A voice said, “Put it on” and so I did. “Now get out there and ride”.  And I did.

What a day I had. I was astounded to ride some entirely new trail that I didn’t know existed. My fellow trail partners agreed it was a hoot.

I was having such a good time I once took some blissful air to only look down to find no trail to land on. It was then that I knew it was a dream. I would hit the ground wake up.  Right? BAM! I stuck the landing and the judges posted a “9.7” “10” “10” “9.9” “10” “6.1” (Damn Russian judges).

I didn’t wake up and it wasn’t a dream because about a second later my friend Garland came rolling up to the edge of a riser and said, “how the hell did you get down there”. Um yea, kind of missed a corner somewhere.

We rode all day and then I was whisked back home and dropped off back in my previous life. Shoot! I didn’t have any time to get my laundry done, my only weekend chore. So I went to bed.

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