Winter Fire

This is the final installation in a series of 22 blog posts that I am dedicating to my favorite photos of 2009. Today’s inductee and now a resident in my “Sun and Moon” photo album is “Winter Fire“. I took this photo December 27th, 2009 at 5:32 PM very quickly with my Canon SD 1000.  I would safely say my best photo and you may recognize it from two days ago except it was portrait. This one is landscape and gives a better feel for the mood of the moment.

It is just plain pretty right? Last night I was doing my run intervals in the South Hills enjoying the pretty landscape and the sun started to set. I have to say this is my favorite time of the day. Imagine if we had no stress at work and were able to enjoy every evening?

This weekend I am going to Pipestone on Sunday with a friend. It will  be good to reunite with the Pipestone crew. Then next weekend it is off to Lewiston Idaho for the first race of the season. Lewiston is always warm and bursting with spring beauty this time of year.

Isn’t it remarkable that most beauty and the experiences that come with them are free. Just like this photo, free for us to enjoy. And there are those that yearn to buy the latest cool thing. I am sure glad it doesn’t cost to view winter fire.

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