Montana Home Theater

Montana Home Theater I have been trying something new. Minimal stimulus. For a month now I have watched no TV, listened to no radio, no internet at home (none anyway), and cut out coffee/sugar/other stimuli. One day I came home from work after just having a complete mental meltdown and realized I was being bombarded with stimulus. I was overloaded, overcooked, and manipulated. I turned it all off and started reading a book. For leisure I just sit there and feel feelings. I don’t try to understand them, just watch them come floating past.

Today’s photo is kind of flavored towards what I have been doing lately. I snapped this one off on a ride in which I was trying to just get out for a ride after a full day of fork rebuilding. I came to the end of the block and saw my friend Ed. It was as if we had planned a ride subconsciously. He biked the MoZ and exchanges some ideas of life and happiness. Then we enjoyed the Montana movie

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