New Formula and the Rattler

10 hours 25 minutes.
85.66 miles
18,919 feet of climbing

Sunday I set out on a local lap that I call “The Rattler” it is a 17 mile loop with 3,900 feet of climbing per lap. It is a brutal lap and lots of dismounting and extreme climbing up routes that are usually only been rode as down-hills.

My plan was to ride zone 3 on the climbs and zone 2 on the flats for 9 hours with minimal stops to only pick up hydration (Carbo Rocket). Until now I have been doing these long rides in zone 2 and training for 24 hour pace. So I was pretty hesitant to go so hard on the climbs.

Other participants were Dave, Zephanie, and Chad although a couple dudes showed up on Saturday but declined to come back out Sunday. Next time I

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