Post Recovery Hike Thoughts

North Hills

Hello from a slightly cold but sunny Missoula evening. I just got done hiking out on Waterworks hill on a trail I call Orange Street Trail. I am headed off to bed but first I thought I would drop a blog.

A new batch of Carbo Rocket came in the mail and it is a new formula.  I am excited to try it and see if the Rocket can actually be improved. It has double the ingredients and some glutamine. Tomorrow is the Thursday Night Ride at the Ravine Trail but the real test will be this weekend as I hammer out 9 hours of zone 3 bliss.

I am currently experiencing a a reoccurrence of a past health problem so my fingers are crossed that I irritated a nerve or something and this weekend I will be free to ride.

With that excitement in the future I have my mom in mind as she is in what she calls re-hab.  She broke her leg in three places and could not take care of herself.  Dad couldn’t take care of her so someone intervened and took action and placed her in a center that re-habs seniors that cant take care of themselves. I imagine one day I will crash my bike and be in the same boat.  One thing that bugs me is that she says that as soon as

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