Smoking The Bowl

This upcoming Sunday I am thinking about Smoking The Bowl for six hours. I am thinking a 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. effort. If anyone is interested check out the map and give me a holler. Going to need some Carbo Rocket because this bowl smokin will make ya thirsty not to mention the munchies for Kettle Chips “Lightly Salted” 🙂

My training description is, “Off-road with several long climbs. Ride climbs in heart rate zone 3, flats in heart rate zone 2 and recover on descents focusing on efficient riding. Be smooth, be fast. Keep pace steady and strong through entire ride – no fade today! Start smart and finish strong! Fuel consistently and keep stopping time to a minimum. Only a few 1-2 minutes stops all day – no extended breaks. Eat, drink and change clothes while you are on the move.”

Thanks to L. Dent and the Thursday Night Ride site for a map of the loop. or TNR MAP here. Stats look like 1:27 minute hours thanks Ed loops (8.99 MPH for 13 miles) 2,699ft per lap!

If that isn’t your cup of mud and want to go hard I am also thinking of a road bike ride called Skankaho Spank Your Crank from Red Barn Bikes in Hamilton on Saturday.  This one is the most tentative. In any case Saturday will be a 3.5 hour Zone 4 effort day.

Don’t like the sun? Join me for a midnight ride Friday night as I will be doing a test run on the Zepher Trail for 2 hours in the dark

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