Can I stay at Your Place?

I am doing the Butte 100 but I am concerned for my old pup Marcy.  I don’t feel comfortable chaining her to camp while I race for 12 hours.  Oh yea!  I said 12 hours.  I am looking at the race details and the promoter says 15 to 20 thousand feet of climbing.  Hola mola! So contact me if you can watch my dog this weekend.  She sleeps all the time and chases skunks when possible. My work number is 406.721.18876 ext 152!

Here is a blog that didn’t make it through from my PDA this weekend (no wireless access in Mackay). My Picassa Gallery, check the photos out!

8/2/08 5.13 am River of Return

Once again I hear the river running through this canyon in Idaho halfway between Elk Bend and Chalis. Marcy still smells of skunk and the tent holds the smell hostage. We are both up enjoying the fresh canyon breeze.  I am laying here under my new lantern (thanks Team G.A.S. ) blogging away on my PDA.

I fell asleep as the sun left the mountain tops and the hot arid air blew through this beautiful canyon. It was too hot to blog at the time and I zipped into my tent to look at the map and escape any flying critters looking for blood.

I just realized the Marcy may not still smell of skunk as much as just be farting. I just got wind of a new strong dose of that skunk smell. It is just about unbearable until a fresh cold breeze carries it out of the tent.

So I fell asleep looking at my map under my new lantern. Then just a little while ago I was afforded this opportunity to blog as I awoke with a bad head ache and a back ache. I just got back from the car to get some Excedrin. It is just just now kicking in and giving me new found energy to blog.

It is nice to be here. Between the canyon walls tonight camping.  I do miss my camping friends and I can remember just last week camping in this very spot with Sten on our way to Galena. One the other hand it is nice this time to be solo. There is a simple pleasure to being alone and I think it is less stress to be only accountable to ones self.

I know it is the caffeine talking, but at least the head ache is a little better and maybe I can get another hour of sleep. Whew, Marcy just let another one! I let the breeze take care of that one as the effects of blogging my thoughts (must be therapeutic) take me off to sleep land between Elk Bend and Chalis.

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