Mackay Idaho Race

The emails are rolling in so I will make this statement.  I have not even unpacked yet and cant believe that I am back home, in the grind again.

If you mean the race weekend, it was fantastic. Coming sometime in the future will be the photos/video and one can judge for themselves. The race was REAL short.  I finished in 1:19! It was a 9 mile climb and then we descended back to town.  The course was so scenic I couldn’t race. 

I went up the next day for a 4 hour ride and went through all the cool stuff, mines, scenes, trails, and mountains.  I finished coming out in a box canyon … it was awesome. The town was awesome, we were like rock stars.  The town reserved the city park for us to camp in for free and we did what we wanted.  A great weekend!

Your Thoughts

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