Back From Butte [updated]

Thanks Pablo, Mom and Dad! Here is a section from my journal on November 1, 1997,

“Numerous attempts were made to talk me out of continuing, but I set off on another desperate lap. I knew that I would have trouble finishing the 24 hours, let alone setting a new record. After lap eight, My friends, Paul and Lucy, convinced Me into not risking my life any longer. I decided to quit the effort, and felt as though my soul had died. The Blue Trail had beaten me.”

Long ways from 1997 my dear friends! And I am back and recovering. I appreciate everyone checking the site for news.  I have been getting rest and recovering and just have posted nothing.  I hope this does until my official race report from this great, great, great, race.  I ran into yet another but less life-threatening challenge this weekend. But it is all good!

My race was very painful. A group teamed up and pushed me hard for the first 3 hours. On hour 4, it all came to a painful stop with exhaustion and cramps.

Hours 5 to 9 I had to slowly walk and eventually ride into some recovery and finished very slow.

Fortunate for me my two foes blew harder than I and the guy who would have attacked me for the win got disoriented and missed a sign. So I took the win, here is some media:

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