Thursday Night Ride 12

It was good to get in the dirt last night with the group.  The results are mixed, uphill no problem, downhill another story.  lots of “OUCH … OUCH” on the way down. I just posted 4 photos from the ride

For some reason I was not in a photo mood.  There was a group of people out in the Rattlesnake that were definitely in a party mood.  On the way down he went by huge crowds of cheering bikers.  it was like being in a world cup … felt awesome.  I cant wait to race again!

My fitness is coming around and I am way past my April 21st fitness and quickly approaching a point were I left off.  I plan to rest two days and do a Galena Grinder preview here by doing the Grave Creek Range Growler all out on Sunday. 

I am hoping I found a band of dudes to be a part of (Team).  It’s all top secret and I have to be voted in.  It is a under-ground cult where I will have to go through some extreme hazing to get in.  I think as part of my initiation I have to toilet paper John Curry’s house … lol … (not really John).

I am now out the door to the doctors in Victor.  Have a good weekend!

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