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Broken Man, But There is Hope

I just inhaled a fish taco in hopes of gaining enough energy to try to do my job.  While I wait for it to activate I thought I would make a quickie post. Problem is that I am still hungry. Last night I busted myself ona little ride up the Blackfoot River.

Once again it was raining yesterday but according to the radar it would let up.  I waited till 6 to head out and as soon as I got out near Potomac the skies cleared a bit and I was able to enjoy a little dry pavement.  Coming back to town is were I bonked and I must of really slowed down because the road was dry all the way home, like I had been gone a week.

I think once you take a couple weeks off you have good strength but the endurance will have taken a vacation. I cant even make 2 hours before I start falling apart. Thank mother earth that I brought some Perpetium to get me home.

I used a new drink called CarboRocket and at first the reader of this blog would say that they will never use it.  There was one thing yesterday that may change everyone’s mind. Most of the time on a medium pace endurance ride I will have ridden by the convenience store out in Potomac at an hour and a half but last night I hit it 15 minutes early and I was able to  ride up further than I normally do. So I would say this stuff really works, just my body is not in shape.

Who knows, hey it is Thursday Night Ride Tonight. This Thursday, May 29th, we will meet at the Rattlesnake trail-head at 6 PM. We are going up Trail of Tears and I am excited to finally put away the road bike and hit the dirt mud. Yes, I said it, put the road bike away.  As of today the knobs are going back on for good I hope. After I recover from last night’s spanking I should be in shape … right?

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