Unattached No More, Getting On The Mule-Train

For immediate release (Missoula): According to some pretty reliable sources from the Team Unattached camp, Bill Martin is being let go and has been dropped from the team.  According to the team manager, “After Bill’s display on the road scene we need to distance ourselves and regain our high quality of racing exposure.  Plus he just damaged one too many jerseys.  I mean … a bird flew at him and he crashed … common!“.

Bill hit the ground running and was voted in immediately by the exclusive racing Team Muleterro. Not everyone gets this opportunity to be voted into this exclusive racing  organization and according to one board member Bill is a, “stubborn MULE headed perpetium consuming mother. AMule!”.

We caught up to Bill training in the hills of Missoula. “Everything happens for a reason and I believe that I am right where I need to be at this point in my career. You only get one chance to ride with a team that has such a rich spiritual connection with high mountain passes and the extreme athletic performances that drove those mule trains into the heavens“.

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