Carbo Rocket

My friend and I have been trying something new called CarboRocket. He is reporting good things but I believe that our minds play tricks on us and this could all be psychological.  Still though, I have noticed a few things while using it.  More testing is needed but I think this could be the next Heed but without secret ingredients, bad tastes, and costing a arm and a leg for a simple energy drink.

(1) Mood : For some reason when I start drinking it my mood gets real good.  I have been riding in pouring rain for two days straight and I hate it.  But when I start drinking it feels like the sun is out and I love riding. This is the most noticeable thing!

(2) Recovery : I have not experienced any left over leg tiredness he next day after these rides.  This could be due to Recoverite. Even after my all out effort climb up the pass in 17 minutes I felt recovered.

(3) Power (maybe): I climbed the pass in a higher gear than normal and if my body weight would not be 10 pounds over weight I would of simply flew up the pass in an even bigger gear.  I climbed it in 17 minutes.

(4) Hydration : I don’t notice any evidence that it keeps me hydrated.  I seem to be more de-hydrated than with Cytomax a couple hours after the ride.

(5) Endurance : Maybe a let down here (or a lack of protein/fat in it). I felt great yesterday until just 1.5 hours into the ride then my HR started dropping and I couldn’t keep pace.  I am planning 14 hours of endurance riding this week to look into it more. Maybe I need to mix it stronger.

(6) Stomach : My stomach is hurting and feels bad from all the medicine I have been taking. I took this on an empty stomach on my indoor ride.  It did not upset my stomach and I even felt it made my stomach distress go away.  This would be great for the flu!

(7) Taste :  The stuff tastes really bad at first sip! The sips thereafter are not that bad (not good though).  What I do notice is that I don’t have this big snot (goober) build up in my throat like Cytomax does.  With Cytomax I am always spitting this build up in my throat but with Rocket fuel I think I don’t get it.  It is clean and stays fresh. Three scoops seem really strong and almost overbearing.

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