And I am not talking about the good kind! Good morning from the City Brew (it’s a holiday, don’t know where to go). I am about to take Marcy hiking on the trail up the street (hopefully the sheep are not there).

I am simply known as the “Blueberry Scone Dude” and I am starting to take offense to it since I have become aware that I am 10 lbs overweight. Very sad day … Just call me Fatty!

City Brew Stats…
Music: Classical
Current Read: Joe Friel’s Blog
Window View: Cold, cloudy, and windy
Toilet Paper Dispenser: Status unknown
Population: 6
Bandwidth: Awesome
Sconecountnew: 1

I have noticed that I am sluggish on the bike. When I stand up I can not do it for as long as I used to.  It is not the injury either, it is something else, something that is making me mash instead of pedal.  It is weight, yes, this morning I stepped on the scale and was horrified to find and extra ten pounds since my injury.  That is ridiculous! Eat to heal is a bunch of bull shit and as of today it is over.  No more eating!

Yesterday’s ride was in the rain once again but just being out on the bike made me happy. I went up Route 12 toward Lolo Hot Springs for a spin. I went by these cool llamas and their ears reminded me of the peace sign so I gave them the peace sign back.  “Right on dudes”, I yelled to them.  They seemed to say, “peace bro”.

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