Missing The Tour of Bitterroot

Good morning from the City Brew! I am sitting with a fresh blueberry scone and joe (coffee).  I had to get a fresh scone because there were none in the day old pile.  I tell you ladies and gents, a scone addiction is worse than cigarettes.  I just hope they don’t impose a scone tax.

City Brew Stats…
Music: Country (this is new), some song about “Mama”
Current Read: Jill’s Blog
Window View: Cold, cloudy, and rain
Toilet Paper Dispenser: Stingy
Population: 4 (pre-“church crowd”)
Bandwidth: Awesome

I am sitting here looking at my AT ride data from last night. I climbed the pass way faster than I figured so my AT test only lasted 7 minutes instead of 20.  My average was 168 but I feel like since my injury it should actually have dropped to 166 (I also calculated the average from the pre-tt.

I am 88 miles behind last years pace so I am not far behind given that the ankle heals properly.  I figure that after a week on the road bike I’ll be back on track.  I can not wait to get back off road and do some huge rides (almost got the Trek ready).

I am missing out on the TOB but since I am not a real road racer I don’t feel too bad … still though! Today I am hoping for a 2 hour ride somewhere … any one want to partake in such a thing (road bike).

Your Thoughts

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