Still Snow Up There

Good evening, its about time for bed.  Did anyone go out and travel this holiday weekend?  Not me and the price of gas is approaching 4 bucks a gallon. My racing season seems to always be in jeopardy.

Before I go off to la la land (remember that place) I am glad to report that I was able to make the ride up Lolo Pass tonight even though it is still raining outside as it has done for the last week. According to the weather it will not let up any time soon.  I am hoping tomorrow I can get out for a road ride.

I parked at Lolo Hot Springs and rode to the chain up area at the base of the climb. the trick was to have a all out 30 minute time trial up the pass. I topped out at 17 minutes so there goes my AT test, oh well I maintained 168 after ten minutes so I will say that is still my AT … good news.  I still have my high end but I do need to lose some of this fat I put on laying around and sleeping.  Speaking of suck, time for bed!

I only have 17 days to raise $320.00 to race in the 24 Hours of MOAB.

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