Tele Alone Today

Hello from da frozen coffee shop in Missoula. I am on my third scone as well as second cup o joe. I am watching all the people stroll in, warm their hands, and get greeted by this friendly little joint. I am uploading new photos. The snow outside not only increases but has started to drift around and the winds are howling.  I can not even see virtual Lolo Peak from here. It is truly not hospitable out there.  Makes me want to climb a mountain.

I have not received any calls so I guess I am to embark on a solo journey out into the frozen wilderness to try out my new boards given to me by my friend Ronnie. Also just to make thing real exciting I am not going to report where I am going.  That way life will seem more exciting during this “down time” of the year.

What did I do yesterday? It all started with no motivation so off to the coffee house I went.  When I got back home I spent the rest of mid-day mounting up my tele skis.  It took me longer than I thought as I had to re-drill new holes and figure out some G3 binding mounting caveats.

Since I had no time to go tele skiing I went up to Pattee Canyon to skate ski. Between myself sucking at it and the warm temperatures my glide was not good and I slowly trudged around the loop. My friend gave me some wax recommends but it was for teen temps, not 40s.

After the small skate ski up in the canyon I went to Alex’s house for a party where I experienced some things that I should not have.  Now that some weird memories are burned into my head I can only think that time will heal. I did get some shots of hundreds (yes, I said hundreds) of elk in the back yard at night.  Truly bizarre because it looked like they were ascending upon Missoula. I wondered if when I got back the town would have been over run with elk and all the humans held prisoner.

Well I better skin up.  Take care.

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