A Blog From The Brew

2008-01-19-misssoula-1 Good morning world! I am sitting at the Brew watching how the snow gets smashed and mashed into a brown slush-cone looking substance.  I am looking out the window at the snow covered road and marveling in how the world can get coated in so much powdery white. Sipping on my coffee and biting into a scone, it is the weekend.

Yesterday at work was brutal. Absolutely nothing to do.  It was the longest day of my life.  Finally though I was released from the 5 day prison and went into the world ready to do what I wanted.  I did my chores (grocery shopping) and stopped by my friend Ronnie’s.

The guy was busy, accepting phone calls, and preparing for his big weekend in the pow pow in the bitterroot.  me I am a beginner at the pow pow so I must go forth and practice.  Ronnie gave me some tools for such skills.  That and I dropped off a four pack of Double Haul and some cash for the boards. So now I must mount some tele bindings and go practice.

I tried to mount them last night but first needed to get those little screw hole plugs before drilling and mounting over what I took off (old tele binders that were too small).

I went to bed and now here I am.  I must go out there, in the white fluffy, burning, white hell and get skate ski wax at Open Road and some flash memory at Radio Shack.  For this I must go to the mall, my first foray into that populated materialistic cluster F%#$@! (fudge).

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