Some More Snow

IMG_0188 Going to work this morning I feel like I want solitude.  I want to be left alone.  Even taking a photo for this morning blog was a pain.  Every time I wanted to whip out the Canon SD1000 someone would come by or drive up.  Fearing a “smart-ass” comment I just tucked it back away and moved on.  Even at work the secretary asked if I would be at the holiday party (Univision’s choice of party time is weird), I just told her that I don’t know.  In truth, I want to be left alone.

So yea, it is snowing again and I can not fight this urge to go riding my mountain bike much more.  I need to find some studded extra-wide snow tires.  I also need to sell off my skis and give up on that (Cant help it, just don’t like skiing right now).  I need to focus on biking and stop diversifying … I need solitude … I need my bike!

Your Thoughts

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