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Going To The Lake

Hello from Lambert Montana and good morning.  Yesterday was a day of relaxation, travel, and time trial cycling. I just got done posting the photos of the trip to Fort Peck .


It is getting harder and harder to be diplomatic about some things and with my consistent cycling and becoming slightly over-trained I have not been having any great shinning moments. Going on a trip would either mend the bitter rivalry or make it worse. I sit here this morning alone hiding from bitter comments and trying to re live a great moment yesterday when I averaged over 20 MPH on my bike for over an hour on a uphill route. (click for Google map)(click for profile)

We jumped into aunt Paula’s diesel truck for the trip to the lake.  I threw my bike in the back so that I could pedal my way back just before the day was to end.  We gassed up at a gas station on the West side of town. It was there that I found a couple elements to take photos of.  Some cool old buildings that give a flavor of the culture out here with the backdrop of a beautiful winter day (although some prefer snow). Soon after a stop at the post office we were off down route 200.

We made it to the lake and I snapped off a few more photos.  Aunt Paula showed us around and soon the bitter lake winds drove us to head back home but not before a quick tour of the little community.  On the way back I remarked that I would have to cycle indoors this evening because it was 3 PM and too late to be dropped off at 20 miles from Lambert (a quickie ride).  My aunt suggested that they drop me off and that they would go to Brockway Bar in Brockway and wait for me.  I thought it was a great idea.  They said it was 21 miles away and I thought it a great challenge to ride 21 miles before the sun set (1 hr).  The race was on.

The ride started uphill but the last two before the intersection of route 200 were downhill slightly.  I made the corner and started the long hard pull to Brockway.  First I had to overtake this long hill.  I climbed hard and strong thinking that when I rested it would be rolling or flat the rest of the way.  It was not meant to be.

Lambert Scene
Lambert Scene

I saw hill after hill and soon the hills were getting harder and harder.  Most of the hills were 4 miles long with a slight level spot on top before climbing again.  It was all gradual in comparison with a pass ride but non the less it was all climbing.  I rode above my limits and pounded out the miles.  one hill, then another, then another.

Finally when it seemed I would never fin Brockway I saw the little village nestled ion a valley.  It would be all down hill (4 miles) to where my aunt and grandma were waiting.  I arrived victorious in spirit.  The sun beat me down but I averaged close to 20 MPH on a mostly uphill route. I recovered with a bag of chips and a Moose Drool beer.

The drive home was good as I was told about how everyone in the bar was betting it would take me three hours.  It must of been a shock to se me walk in after being dropped off 24 miles away in an hour and fifteen minutes.  My total climbing for the day was 1,787 (11.3 miles of hill climb).

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