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Good Thing I Brought My Bike

Hello from Lambert Montana where I am thinking of getting back out on the road for another road bike ride.  The sun is up and since I have a bike sitting right here in front of me. That brings me to what I am thankful for …. the fact that I brought my bike.

Yesterday I went riding up to Enid Montana where there is this nice abandon schoolhouse. It was a 1 hour recovery spin after the night before and the big effort coming back from Sidney.  Ok, back to why I am thankful … I brought a vehicle to escape insanity.

How can someone get so bitter that they mettle in other peoples business and say things to hurt everyone around them.  Do you know someone who is a awful mean person. I think my lucky stars I ride a bike to escape such insanity.

“Don’t you ever wash your clothes? I hate talking to your ……? Your ….. needs bla ba bla. You have a bad outlook on life. You are lazy. ”   My life is too short for this type of crap!

Of course I am speaking vaguely and am not specifically mentioning any name.  But you know what I am talking about, everyone has a member of their Ka-tet like this.  Right?

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