Road Riding in Lambert

Hello from Lambert Montana. It has been slightly over 24 hours and I have been riding 3 times. As soon as I arrived here I went out for a 45 minute burn and 1 pretty decent sustained climb.  It seems flat here but there are these long gradual climbs that you do in a big gear and actually hurt more than steep ones.

Ride number two came on Christmas eve.  I rode into Sidney 24 miles away and all downhill. To my benefit the wind was to my back. I rode at a 21 MPH pace easily! The trip back was ride three and it was brutal.

From Sidney to Lambert it is all uphill.  Combine that with the wind in my face it took me a whopping 1.5 hours to do the 24 miles back home.  In the end a pickup harassed me until the last hill where I surges off the top, took the corner to Lambert, and powered away before the vehicle could make another run at me. This made me get up to a heart rate of 172 and show off my power on the road.  It was cool to go that fast.

Your Thoughts

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