From Roundup to Lambert

Hello from Lambert Montana, we finally arrived. Grandma and I got up and had to jump her new vehicle (Blazer).

While I was packing the car I noticed my old sled that I used when I was a child.  It is the sled where I learned to NOT put your tongue on a frozen surface.  Actually I learned this while at top speed and had to find a way to disengage my tongue before I hit the bottom of  the hill and a possible collision with a tree or a car.  I got it unstuck in the nick of time.

35 plus years later the battery in grandma’s blazer was dead and we put it on charge. Soon we had it started and was off to Roundup to have breakfast with Uncle Bob and Aunt Cindy.

We had breakfast at the Pioneer cafe. This is the place I grew up.  Grandma owned this cafe and I have many memories of this venue.

  • Learning to say “truck driver” and not “fuck driver”
  • Learning how to cook
  • Learning how french fries were made
  • My first introduction to what monosodium gluminate was used for (preserving potatoes for fires later)
  • How to make flap jacks
  • How to correctly fry burgers
  • How to peal potatoes fast
  • General child sweatshop labor
  • How to use the cellar systems to walk around all the stores on the block in the middle of the night.
  • How to use the roof to access all the office spaces on the block.
  • Finding treasures like the first mobile projector.
  • and other fond memories.

Ah yes!  So then we had finished breakfast and we traveled to Lambert via the high line (route 200). We made good time stopping in Circle for cookies, coffee, and snacks.  The roads were decent and arriving in Lambert I was greeted with sunshine and clear roads.  I would get to do some road cycling.

I will blog more later, enjoy the holidays everyone.

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