Road Riding the 328

Hello once again from Lambert Montana where I just got back from a killer ride.  Keep in mind most of these rides are short due to the fact that it is cold and in the off season.  I am out for fun and these are some great rides as the roads are clear and the sky’s are blue.  Today I went up route 328 which is straight North from here.  The route is totally straight with some pretty good climbing. In fact the climb goes over the divide (not to be confused with the continental divide). On the other side of the divide is some groves of trees and some cool drainage.  This is one of my favorite rides so far.

My Aunt says that a 75 mile loop is possible from taking this route and going right then down to Sidney.

In other news Marcy is having a great time living in this big house and plenty of room outside to run.  She has even taken back up chewing on a bone (teeth seem to be getting better).  We will be leaving soon and while it will be nice to get back to the grind (not really) it is sad that Marcy will not be able to run and hang out with other dogs as much.  She is really having a great time.

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