How to Submit a Story

If you are a friend of this site Bill has enabled you to contribute stories. This tutorial(story) is about uploading images (or attaching files) in your stories. I have created this story using this tutorial. Here are the steps involved in posting a story with attachments (in this case an image that is used in the story).

Tutorial Screen 1 (click on link at bottom of story or refer to image in this story)

  1. Make sure your Blog setting is on “User Stories”.
  2. Click “File Attachments” to expand the upload tool.

Tutorial Screen 2 (click on link at bottom of story)

  1. Upload (attach) your files to this story [steps 1-2 ].
  2. Copy the URL (address) of the images you want to appear in the story [step 3 ].
  3. Use the “enable rich-text” link to expand the rich-text tool [see image on this page].
  4. insert image using the image icon [steps 5-6 ].

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