Cyclocross Pictures Posted

Hello from a coffee shop in Missoula Montana.  Yesterday I had a great ride out in the Rattlesnake.  I did the Trail of Tears twice in preparation for the state championships coming up next week.

Today I was supposed to do some work for someone so that I could attend next week but that fell through so I decided to get a little caught up with photos.  I decided to post some pictures that some of my friends took of me while I was racing the Wednesday Night Cyclocross series.

Boy have I come a long way since then.  These photos were taken at a race where I was DQ’ed for being lapped. I was overweight and slow and it was this series that I started to develop and get fast once again as a bike racer. Take note at how much body fat I have compared to now.  I cant wait for cross season to see how the new body works out.

Have a good weekend and please feel free to keep in touch (post to the lodge).

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