More Cycling Photos Uploaded

2006_10_01_missoula_hillclimb_02 Hello from my apartment in Missoula Montana where I cant seem to go to sleep.  It is funny because last night I could not sleep until 3 Am.  So then you would think that I would be so tired that I would just go to sleep tonight.  I have taken no naps but still I do not feel drowsy. Physically I am in top shape and my resting heart rate is the best it has been all year.  I am ready for the state championships.

So what to do beside sitting here wondering where the hell all my friends have gone to and why I have been so lonely lately.  I know! Post some photos. [click here]

This new set of photos are from the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships held every year up in Pattee Canyon. The four-mile climb rises 840 feet up Pattee Canyon Drive in Missoula , starting from the corner of Takima and Pattee Canyon . Cyclists leave at one minute-intervals and ride against the clock.

I have done the race twice with the first one being three years ago.  I missed a year due to a neck injury.  My mountain bike schedule threatens this years appearance.

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